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  • 8-12 Oct


    Orcasong, Orcas Island

    Solo Exhibition

  • Kinfolk Family Art Show

    Brooklyn, NY

    Group Exhibition at Kinfolk 94 Wythe Ave



  • 2-5 March

    ‘The Sullivans’ A collaboration project between JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN and 10 graphic designers

  • 3-14 November

    ‘SON OF RAMBOW MOVIE POSTER’ exhibition at gallery SUNDAY ISSUE in Shibuya,Tokyo.

  • 26 April - 9 May 11:00~28:00

    ‘SMILE FOR FRIENDS’ A T-shirt Art Exhibition at the Marunouchi HOUSE 3rd Anniversary.

    152 Artists, Musicians, Actors, Stylists, Directors, Architects are taking part in this event
    where the T-shirt are exhibited and sold by auction. 100% of the sales go to the
    Japanese Red Cross for the Chile Earthquake and the Haiti Earthquake.


  • For commissions,
    collaborations, questions, comments,
    please contact Niky at

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